Cheers to Being Single and Unattached

You watch your friends get married and have babies one after the other while you stand in the sideline, wishing them well supporting them and encouraging them. You’ve been the bridesmaid many times, but never the bride. You’ve been to the godmother to a number of babies, but never a mother. Sounds sad, eh? You have had your own series of relationships that somehow did not work out so here you are, loveless, dateless, all alone on Valentine’s Day. How’s that working out for you?…

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When something is bothering you in a relationship, you can either give your partner your trust or confront him or her about it.

Doubt and Worry in a Relationship

Amanda was simply trying to look up movie schedules but since her purse was in the other room, she grabbed the nearest phone – her boyfriend’s. It was not her intention to snoop but before she could check the schedules, the phone beeped with a message from someone named Liz: “Last night was hilarious!” Alex, Amanda’s boyfriend said that he was working late last night on some late sales conference. Right after reading that message, Amanda started to feel worried. She had past experiences of…

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The Dark Side: Bitterness

Back in the days when we were still young and carefree, friends pairing up romantically did not seem threatening at all. When the pairing up ends with “I do” and later on with mini me’s, and you are left, well, single, loveless and unattached, things can sometimes be depressing and alarming to a point. Fast forward today. ’tis the season when one year is not enough to attend weddings of friends from far and wide.  Everyone seems hell-bent on getting hitched. You shed a happy…

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insecure partner

Top 3 Signs that You’re an Insecure Partner

Being in a lasting relationship involves give and take and plenty of communication. Trusting one another is one major important thing in any long-lasting relationship. While there are times that jealousy can arise, this is normal. However, there are those who take jealousy to the next level and turn psychotic. Are you the insecure partner? If you answer yes to the things below, then you seriously need some working out in your security and confidence area. 1. Checking up on your partner is a requirement It’s…

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staying positive

Top 4 Tips for Staying Positive

Staying positive even when things are looking so bleak is never easy. Happiness is a choice that you have to make. Does being sad and negative solve your problems? I don’t think so. You get wrinkles, a high blood pressure, and bad dreams. Dwelling on the negative side of things does not result to anything good. AT ALL. That is why it is better to maintain a positive attitude to get you through the bumps and hurdles that life is going to throw at you. By…

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How to Attract a Successful Partner

Top 2 Ways to Attract a Successful Partner

If you want to attract a successful partner into your life, you have to be the kind of partner that successful people will want to be with. Success can make you look attractive in the love department – and you can also attract a potential partner. If you want to attract a successful partner in life and have a lasting relationship, then you also have to be successful yourself. Nobody wants a partner who’s just sitting around and slacking all day. You will want a partner…

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Top 8 Signs of an Emotionally Mature Man

Have you ever dated or been in a relationship with a guy who seems to have everything under control only to find out that he is not the man you are expecting him to be – but a boy. Do you realize that being in a relationship with an emotionally immature guy is kinda hard? How would you like to know that the guy you’re dating is mature enough to handle things and be a good partner? Can you spot an emotionally mature man? Do you…

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Top 3 Signs of Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity is something that is often overlooked in looking for a partner. Sometimes, it is not even a priority because it is taken for granted. It is a common notion that when you are attracted to someone, everything else will fall into place. If you are into short-term relationships, then emotional maturity does not really matter. if you are “just dating” and meeting up for a “good time” or dating several others, then emotional maturity is not much of a requirement. But if you are…

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ways to have a productive work week

Top 6 Ways to Have a Productive Work Week

“Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.” ― Leo Babauta How productive can you be in a week? Do you get everything done on schedule or are you almost always cramming up during the last minute? Know the culprits that counter productivity and how you can avoid them. Act on it One of the ways to have a productive work week is to stop planning for so many things. It is perfectly correct to plan ahead but too much planning…

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Top 5 Reasons Why Being Single is More Fun

If you are feeling rather blue because almost all of your friends are paired up while you remain single, here are some reasons why being single is more fun. Better Relationships with Family and Friends When you are single, you tend to stay at home more or go out with your family. You get to talk to each other, share ideas, and bond. You will start to appreciate the little things among your family members. Dating too much can have its toll on you. You…

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