5 Tips for a Lasting Long Distance Relationship

Most of the time, a lasting long distance relationship does not really make it. Or so that is what many people believe. Family and friends may discourage it and they will tell you to not take it seriously because you will end up heartbroken. Nobody will tell you that it is easy because the distance itself is a major factor that makes a lot of things hard to do. Simple things can become complicated and you may feel lonely a lot of times. But despite…

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Top 4 Reasons Why Couples Should be Friends First

You may wonder if being friends first is a good thing to start with as the foundation of any lasting relationship. There are a lot who believe that a man and a woman can be friends – as in real friends. However, it has been found out that some of these women who are friends with guys have a secret crush on them actually! Interesting! Not all friendships may turn move into being a relationship but it can be a very good connection to start…

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7 Benefits of Traveling Together as a Couple

Traveling as a couple has its upside and downside. However, it is said to make a lasting relationship. Just because you are done with the courtship and honeymoon phase does not mean that you should not experience new things together. As a matter of fact, you should because this can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. It does not have to a very expensive travel. You can choose a place not far away that you haven’t been to. Try out new activities and…

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12 Secrets to a Lasting Relationship

Some relationships last for a lifetime, while some relationships fail and go poof. Do you every wonder what the secrets in maintaining a long-lasting relationship are? How do couples stay together for years and not lose the love? Here are 12 of the important factors that come into play – sugars, spice, and all things nice that make up a great and lasting relationship. 1. Don’t let your past affect you. Let go and move on. Don’t be bitter about your past. Learn from past mistakes…

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adult play

The Importance of Adult Play in a Relationship

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw When we stopped being kids and started being adults, things can get quite boring. Play is not just for the young ones but also for the young once. It can be a source of relaxation with your partner, co-workers, and friends. Adult play can bring about and fuel your creativity and imagination. It can also improve your problem-solving skills that is often needed at work. If you…

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Top 5 Things that Guys Immediately Notice in Girls

Whenever a man looks you, he is mentally ticking off his checklist to see whether he will approach you or not. Have you ever come across a guy whose eyes will scan past you and will turn back? Are you curious to know what made him take a second glance at you? Instant attraction is possible. There are a few things that men notices about women instantly. By knowing these things, you can manipulate and maximize your assets.   1. Smile Men have a way…

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Top 5 Myths on Dating and Finding Love

Being single has its own perks. Being in a relationship also has its own benefits. If you have been meaning to find a stable and long-lasting relationship, being single can be frustrating. Relationships are not perfect. It could be that you are believing incorrect things about love and dating that can hinder your chances at finding a lasting relationship. You may need to reassess some misconceptions that you may have about dating and relationships. Myths on  dating and finding love 1. If I am not attracted…

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Do you find it hard to communicate with your boyfriend?

Do you think that you are a good communicator? If we compare male vs females, females will definitely get the point on this one. Most women are good in communication but they have a hard time communicating with their boyfriends when the boyfriend starts to shut them out. Why does that happen? There is a simple answer to that. Emotions. Do you notice that the closer the person is to us, the worse we treat them? A woman having a hard time talking with her…

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How to Resolve Conflicts in a Relationship

Conflicts are a major part in any relationship. When you are not arguing with your partner or when you are not experiencing any conflict in a relationship, then something must be terribly wrong. There are times when you feel that the conflict that you have with your partner is so great that you want to just give up. Don’t. Remember that conflicts are part of a normal and healthy relationship. The way that you deal with the conflicts is what is important. When the conflict…

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10 Effective Tips to Get Over Your Ex

Break-ups are among the most painful experiences that many of us have to undergo. The pain of losing someone whom you shared your love with and looked forward to a future with – gone. This can be a devastating feeling to many and each of us has to cope somehow in order to be able to move on. Breaking up with your partner can bring back so many memories of past relationships that have failed, betrayals, and other sad memories in life. Healing takes time…

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